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They gave us this:

Make us a part that supports the weight of a sport gear on the road. The part has to be strong, ductile, corrosion-resistant. It’s a complex shape, but we want it—inexpensive. It is an important part of a secure system that holds the user's critical gear.

We did this:

The customer had already considered machining and investment casting, but neither process could deliver on all the specified requirements. Working closely with the customers, PSM engineers designed and built production tools and first article samples to the customer's satisfaction. The samples worked and the part went into production.

We got this:

PSM designed and created a 316 stainless steel locking plate that takes the challenge of the wilderness. The P/M part has been successful in production and in the field. And the part won PSM the prestigious MPIF P/M Design Competition in the Stainless Steel Category for 2000.



Topics: Case Studies

Craig Paullin

Written by Craig Paullin

President of PSM Industries

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