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We are pleased to announce that PM Engineered Solutions, Inc. (PMES) has formed a partnership with W. M. Gulliksen Manufacturing of West Roxbury, MA. W.M. Gulliksen is a leader in thermoset compression and transfer molding. They run over 20 molding presses and have 40 employees at their West Roxbury location.

thermoset plastic molding watertown connecticut               

Over the past few months, W. M. Gulliksen has been moved to PMES’ 100,000 square foot location at 140 Commercial Street, Watertown CT to continue to grow and serve its customers. Our partnership with W. M. Gulliksen will allow us to offer our valued customers additional molding capacity and thermoset expertise.  We will be relocating their machines, tools, fixtures, jigs, and employees to Watertown, CT.


PMES is focused on offering our customers the best service in the thermoset, thermoplastic, and powdered metal industries. We believe this move will allow us to cater to your needs in a better way.


We look forward to serving you better as a result of this new partnership.

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Clayton Paulin

Written by Clayton Paulin

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